Quality solutions

Quality Assurance

Innovation of research and development

To implement the client’s needs and extends to the overall resolution of the program, Galaxy integrates and designs all communications and optoelectronics related products based on the methods of whole plant equipment scheme and production process. Galaxy strives to improve the production process in order to enhance the value of products. Therefore, Galaxy can increase its competitiveness by expanding production efficiency, improving production quality as well as reducing costs to meet the rapidly change of market needed.

Refinement of seeking quality and rigorous quality control

Our purpose is to provide products with customer satisfaction by stand on the “quality first” objective. Galaxy equips with highest precision testing instruments and strict quality assurance system. Furthermore, Galaxy aims to have zero defects of competitive products and services with on-time delivery to customer as excellent staffs execute quality system.

Quality policy

Quality control policy
  • To establish standard operating procedure (SOP) for each level of organization and cultivate quality consciousness for each staff.
  • To continuous improve its working methods and production process in order to achieve energy conservation, reduce waste, increase efficiency and reduce the cost.
  • To provide on-site training for front-line staff with professional skills as well as enhance their self-confidence in the workplace
  • To establish a complete and effective quality control system for performing the quality management as final goal.
Quality improvement policy

1.to meet customer satisfaction
2.to keep defective rate under 2%

Quality mission

To be free from interruption and institutional crisis.