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About Galaxy

Galaxy Top-Quality Industrial Co., Ltd. was first established in 1986 and located in Ping-Jen industrial park, Taoyuan, Taiwan. The company’s plant is about 2680 square meters wide. With precision equipments, our main group focusing in CNC precision machining, aluminum die casting, machining and other production projects. There are currently about 120 employees in our team force. After years of continuous efforts in our research and development, we have the most innovative and outstanding technology to establish the professional image and quality in the market.

In 1999, Galaxy Top-Quality Industrial Co., Ltd. was awarded ISO-9001 certification. We do not just making good products, but also delivering the glory of international quality services to our customer.

After ten years of efforts and experiences, Galaxy Top-Quality Industrial Co., Ltd has proved the ability in achieving the tasks set by our customers and will continue to improve product innovation in the future. With our stable growth in EPS value, we will present you with the leading technology, excellent quality service and products.

Principles of management :
  • Principles: Service, Enthusiastic, Technique, Innovation, Team Work
  • Vision: becoming the leadership in the industry
  • Entrepreneurship: full implementation of obedience and complete execution
  • Mission: to be free from interruption and institutional crisis
  • Strategy: Shorten the development time of R&D /cultivate the team work system training
  • Policy: to become the industry leader in die-casting technology
  • Execution: PDCA
  1. Keep defective rate under 2%
  2. A stable growth of EPS and the annual growth of 3% every year since 2009
Company Profile
  • Established in 1986 and located in Pingjhen Industrial Park, Taiwan
  • Remane as Galaxy Top-Quality Industrial Co., LTD in 2003
  • In end of 2009, started 3-year expansion plan that in order to increase production
  • The employee of Galaxy is about 120
  • Focus on the CNC accurate machining, zinc / aluminum alloy die-casting process, 2nd operation, part assembly and other group project
  • Main product: LNB die-casting component, Industrial computer, network communication product, Mobile base station and Thermal module series component
  • We gain 17 patents

Enterprise Culture

  • Each employee is important, no one can be ignored.
  • Provide employee welfare.
  • Company shares achievement with employees and employees take their responsibility for company.
  • Respect and trust others.
  • Talent reinstatement policy.
  • Carry out the management by objectives (MBO).
  • Narrow the gap between manager and staff members by using MBWA.
  • Office without a door (An open policy: take in constructive suggestions and opinions).
  • Managers familiarize with personnel, provide proper trainings and arrange the suitable successors.
  • Promote talents from internal company.
  • Behave yourselves as good citizens and carry out your responsibilities to society.
  • Encourage employees to dedicate themselves to special projects outside the company (such as local constructions, charity works and public activities).

Time Line / History Log

  • 1986 Galaxy founded—LNB production
  • 1988 Relocated to Pinghjen industrial part
  • 1995 HPDC commenced
  • 2001 3G telecommunication technology commenced
  • 2003 Officially registered as Galaxy Top-Quality Industrial Co., Ltd
  • 2008 ISO9001 certified
  • 2009 Site expansion 
  • 2010 4G telecommunication technology commenced
  • 2013 Site established
  • 2014 TS16949 certified 
  • 2017 Powder coating production introduced
  • 2018 IATF16949 certified

Company Structure


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Main Customer

  • Microelectronics Technology INC. (MICROWAVE)
  • Delta Electronics, INC. (COMPUTER PARTS)
  • Advantech Co., Ltd
  • Wistron NeWeb Corp.
  • Accton Technology Corp.
  • Fulltech Electric Co., Ltd
  • TDCM Co., Ltd.
  • TAIGENE Inc.